Dear community members,

My name is Valérie Madoka and I am an architect and documentary film artist based in Dresden. I am a Europeana Professional since 2019 and maybe you remember me being onstage for the Climate Action Group at AGM in Lisbon 2019.

Last week I received of a call of IDFA DocLab for research & Development Proposals with the deadline on 26.3.2021:

Time is short, I know;)
The content should be related to women -  like the Women In History that Europeana just started this Monday.
If any of you are experienced in software and its experimental use and are willing to explore & experiment the art of interactive and immersive storytelling through a film - give me a call!

„Time present
and time past
are both perhaps present
In time past.
And time future
in time past.
T.S. Eliot



Valérie Madoka NAITO
Dipl.-Ing. Architect

naito_strategies in architecture & film
Oschatzer Straße 7
01127 Dresden

+49 179 775 23 07
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