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This survey by the EuropeanaTech AI for GLAMs task force seeks to identify Artificial Intelligence (AI) initiatives and projects that are relevant for the cultural heritage sector. The aim of this survey is to gain an understanding of who is working with AI, the different types of projects being run, the methodologies being used, the challenges faced, the success granted and the resources applied.

You can find the survey at:

The target respondents for this survey are professionals working in museums, libraries, archives and research institutions as well as the wider industry (technology suppliers, creative industries etc.) that work with cultural heritage data. The task force will publish its findings on (the use cases for) AI in the European digital cultural heritage community. It will contain practical insights for GLAMs to consider when setting up an AI project within their organisation.

As encouragement, for every 20 questionnaires filled out we will donate a goat to a community in need through Oxfam Gifts (up to 4 goats). More information is available at:

Thank you in advance for sharing your insights with us. Do not hesitate to get in touch with further questions or comments.

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