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Dear all,


On behalf of the ENSIL board, I’m welcoming Katy Manck as the new IASL President. Katy has been elected during the IASL Annual General Meeting in Tokyo, last week.

Please join the board in welcoming Katy and wishing her all the best in her first term 2016 – 2019. 


We also wish to congratulate our former board member Albert Boekhorst , who has been elected as Vice President Association Relations. Last but not least, we welcome and congratulate Vanja Jurilj (Croatia) as the new Director Europe.

Mihaela Banek Zorica is going into her third year of her term as Vice President Association Operations.

ENSIL has a strong base in IASL with a former and current board member on the IASL board and will continue to collaborate with IASL as it has done since its foundation.


Katy and Albert are both members of this list, so if you wish to contact either of them, please feel free to use this list.


Kind regards,




Stichting ENSIL (ENSIL Foundation)

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