I second Pete. I don’t have much to contribute either to this particular conversation but I am learning at all and I am interested in learning more!

Thank to those moderating.

All the best

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On Apr 26, 2016, at 3:08 PM, pan Petr Danes <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

I see no reason why those of us who are interested and have deliberately subscribed should have to modify our behavior due to the incompetence of a few technophobic dolts. The 'Unsubscribe me' spam generated by those who have walked into a room and can't figure out how to get out again is annoying, but no more than that, and easily deleted.

If anyone cares, I am in favor of leaving the group as is. I am interested in the subject, even though I have had nothing useful to contribute to this particular round of discussions.


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Dear all,

We have started moderating this list since several hours and will keep doing it for a short while. We are letting only the meaningful messages pass through - which means that your messages may not be broadcast directly, especially at night.

Note that all subscribers here have been enlisted because they have asked to be part of the EuropeanaTech community, when they register the Europeana Network. We have never registered anyone without being asked by them.

This discussion list has generally been a quiet and educated space, where people can ask for input when it can't be found elsewhere. Or where they can just check what this community of peers thinks of a given technical matter. We like discussions to happen where they are most relevant and we are ourselves involved in many specialized channels, including Wikidata. But sometimes our needs do not perfectly fit more specialized places. Therefore, we still intend to keep this mailing list available for the community.

We thank you for you patience, and feel especially grateful for everyone who chimed in for voicing support and helping to tame the chaos by sending around the actions for unsubscribing.
We will also examine your suggestions for other hosting solutions in the future.

Kind regards,

Antoine Isaac
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