Dear all,


I completely agree with Jos Van Dyck and thanks Pat for stepping forward form the museums and metadata standards world, where we are heavily involved.


It is quite pity to see, that attendees of Europeana tech list, are not able to read emails and unsubscribe them self from the list according provided instructions. The question is how they appeared in this mailing list? It should obviously happen by accident.


Is it possible to open specific topic channel?


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Předmět: Re: Question about data models or standards for representing exhibitions?
Dear folks,
What a pity that so few people seem to be interested in data modeling!
However, it are the data models that define the usefulness of databases, what you can find etc.
The input of experienced librarians, archivists etc. is very important.
I want to encourage folks to participate nevertheless.
Kind regards,
Jos Van Dyck
NGM bvba
Mechelen (Belgium)

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Onderwerp: Re: Question about data models or standards for representing exhibitions?

Hi all


So, I certainly do not want to be removed (an I know how to unsubscribe ;-)


The discussion around standards and data models for exhibitions is very interesting.


Maybe to get inspiration have a look at (Biodiversity Information Standards)   



I think these networks will be very interested by the discussion and there are possible nice collaborations to explore here. We have been working on standards that could fit nicely.


With my best wishes




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