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Emne: Re: Question about data models or standards for representing exhibitions?


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2016-04-25 10:51 GMT+02:00 Jane Darnell <[log in to unmask]>:

The idea of modelling an exhibition on Wikidata with data from a museum database is nice, but in order to get there you need to establish a starting position with a group of exhibition items so you can experiment with that dataset. We see this in the Wikidata Sum of all Paintings project with how we model paintings. We propose properties as we start to see and feel a need for them, but we still keep a very low threshold of properties necessary to get items on the radar of this Wikidata project. As a volunteer-run organization, you need a way for people to contribute and have fun while doing so. Asking them to add an exhibition with 15 fields is not the way to do this. However, you can ask them for the minimum number of fields necessary so someone else can eventually add that data. The context, remember, is that Swedish museums and the Wikimedia Sweden chapter are running a project to 1) create articles on Wikipedia about specific exhibitions and would like to also include 2) structured data (I think on Wikidata) about these exhibitions.


To do (1) you need the type of information available to the general public about the exhibition (local papers, museum website, and so forth). To do (2) you need to decide on these "minimum number of fields" that could be used for a Wikipedia "infobox" that can pull that data. Taking a stab at it, I would say these fields (to begin with) are name (if a traveling exhibition, then the translated name for those other language labels on Wikidata, and otherwise use the first museum's title for all other languages), next location (museum item), and start and finish dates (to be qualified per exhibition location if more than one). Besides those three basic fields, other fields can be added as the project grows according to the wisdom of people working with Wikdata and exhibitions.


On Mon, Apr 25, 2016 at 8:51 AM, Henk Vanstappen <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

Two museum standards include a set of elements for the description of exhibitions:


1. SPECTRUM (Collections Trust) as part of the object Use information elements (se Appendix)


2. CDWA from Getty






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On 22 Apr 2016, at 11:25, David Haskiya wrote:

Hi EuropeanaTech members,

I was contacted by some former colleagues in Sweden asking a question:

Are there any formal or de-facto standards for modelling (physical) exhibitions?


The context is that Swedish museums and the Wikimedia Sweden chapter are running a project to create articles on Wikipedia about specific exhibitions and would like to also include structured data (I think on Wikidata) about these exhibitions.


All I know is that there is an Event class in Schema.orghttps://schema.org/ExhibitionEvent but maybe you know of other or better options?








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