Patricia and all:

If I remember correctly, this has happened before...

The problem is that an increasing number of people - professionals too, unfortunately, and even more unfortunately: information/library professionals - don't read messages anymore, just the subject line. This is the twitter effect.

It is also quite sad that many of the spams asking to unsubscribe contained, in their very message, the instructions on how to unsubscribe without spamming;..

Le 26/04/2016 à 10:18, Mergen Patricia a écrit :
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Dear all


Maybe we should envisage to just terminate this mailing list, considering all the people who are obviously not interested by data standards and models and other technical aspects linked to EUROPEANA anymore and set up a new one with experts of the domain who see an interest in participating to such discussions,  to stop this spamming of people who obviously subscribed to EUROPEANA at some point and do not want to contribute to the discussion anymore and cannot even find the automatic unsubscribe link …


With my best wishes




Dr. Patricia Mergen

Liaison Officer

Royal Museum for Central Africa 

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