Dear Lourense, friends and colleagues,

Thanks for your message.  I'm not sure whether I told you that I quite often send parcels to Zimbabwe - three or four each year.  It costs about 35 Euros for 5 kilos.  These parcels contain book bags for school libraries.  The bags are made by clients (patients) at a local Care Farm.  I also send other things for the School Library March which is held during ISLM.  The clients earn the cost of postage by selling market bags and preserves at a local market and on Open Days.  We just manage to scrape the postage costs together each time.  I make up the difference from my own pocket.  

Just as a matter of interest, this year I have received a donation of T-Shirts for the School Library March, which will have the text "Support School Libraries" stencilled on the back at the Care Farm.  At the moment I have 17 T-shirts, but am expecting to receive more - perhaps a total of 25.  Once again, I will have to look for the postage costs.

I am not thinking about really large parcels for Nigeria - rather more of a gesture of support to the school which has requested them.  We are actually looking for low-level books - introductory books, not complicated ones - e.g. "how to care for the chickens, simple information about crops, watering, pest control etc.. If you have up to 5 kilos of these kinds of books, I will take care of the postage. 

I did not mention this before, but a school in Zimbabwe is looking for books about how to make musical instruments from scrap materials.  I have sent off one, but if anybody has any more, the school would be happy.  The school won the dancing competition for schools for the whole of Zimbabwe, but they have no musical instruments and want to make some for themselves. 

The biggest problem in Zimbabwe is that we were being charged customs duty, which Hosea cannot pay, but this problem now seems to have been resolved.   

I also think that Mary Henton in DR Congo might be interested in receiving books for the new school (with library) and for the university library in  Beni (although it is my understanding that the university library now has reasonable resources online, thanks to Henk van Dam and other colleagues).  I am sending a copy of this E-mail to Mary Henton and to Henk van Dam, to see whether or not they have any comments or ideas. 

Did you know that the International Lions Club (Lions International) have devoted this year to literacy?  Would it be possible for ENSIL to write to them, asking for funding for the cost of postage for these books.  We could work on this together and see what happens.  We could also ask for the cost of sending the exhibition books from IASL2015 to Zimbabwe.  In total perhaps something like a total request of 500 Euros which should be enough to cover all the postage (freight) costs.  It would be a nice project for ENSIL.  The important factor would be that the books would be sorted by trained librarians before they are sent.  Hopefully this would mean that the schools involved would not receive books which are of no interest to them or the children in their care.  .


Best wishes to all,

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  Dear Helen,


  I might be able to get some books on agriculture in English. However, have you thought of how to get the books to Nigeria?

  Shipping books is very costly. I know from own experience as I'm still struggling to get the IASL2015 exhibition books to Zimbabwe and Nigeria. Per package it is 285 euro. If anybody knows of a sponsor to help out, that would be much appreciated.

  If there is no budget for shipping, there is no use in collecting books.

  Please let me know and I'll contact my contacts at the higher agricultural colleges in NL.


  Kind regards,



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  Dear friends and colleagues,


  I have received a request from an agricultural high school in Nigeria for books (new or second-hand, in English) about agricultural matters, animals, gardens etc. for the school's library.  The school needs all the help that it can get.  It has a very hadr-working school librarian.  Does anybody have any suggestions?  Can anybody help.  Please get in touch.


  Thanks in advance,

  Helen Boelens.