Dear Vladimir,

I completely agree with the Europeana approach.

I think that "famous" duality is a sophistication well fit to confuse the users.

Of course my mental contruct (i.e. concept) which I refer as "Paris" (which includes Sena and that tower, what's its name... :-) and which 
sure has many points in common with your mental construct you name "Paris"... is not really the place we agree to call "Paris". However, in 
a retrieval system (mainly in a LD one) this distinction is harmful.

But if you can offer me juicy use-cases of this distinction, I'll change my mind (and buy you a beer :-).


Dan Matei
director, Direcția Patrimoniu Cultural Mobil, Imaterial și Digital [Movable, Intangible and Digital Heritage Department]
Institutul Național al Patrimoniului [National Heritage Institute], București [Bucharest, Romania]
Piața Presei Libere nr. 1, CP 33-90
tel. 0725 253 222, (+4)021 317 90 72; fax (+4)021 317 90 64

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Date: Fri, 5 Jun 2015 08:44:38 +0000
Subject: Re: Get ULAN and TGN Linked Data identifiers in Europeana

> Hello Vladimir, 
> The objective of Europeana is to fetch multilingual labels from the ULAN identifier. The tool that allows us to dereference the URIs will
> only work with URI of the first type 
> We will therefore recommend our data providers to use those. 
> Best, 
> Valentine 
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> Subject: Re: Get ULAN and TGN Linked Data identifiers in Europeana
> Hi Valentine and Thom!
> is a skos:Concept: appropriate to be
> used in VIAF as the Getty concept URL
> is a schema:Agent: appropriate
> to be used
> CH collections should refer to TGN and ULAN entities
> using tgn:{m}-place, ulan:{m}-agent
> and not merely tgn:{m}, ulan:{m}
> See
> The reason is
> Cheers! Vladimir