´╗┐´╗┐Dear all,

Enrichment of metadata is crucial for Europeana and its partners. Last year, EuropeanaTech concluded an important round of community R&D work with the publication of a task force report on multilingual enrichment [1]. Europeana has started to follow some of this report's recommendations, while others require more efforts from the Network at large. EuropeanaTech has just started a new task force on evaluation and enrichment to work precisely on some of these issues:

This task force will collect concrete enrichment processes in the Europeana Network, assessing what they have in common and how they differ. It will seek to help projects enhance their enrichment services by gathering new data sources for enrichment, investigating methods to evaluate the impact of applying enrichment services, and identifying the most promising ways to include human feedback in the process, including crowdsourcing. It will also make recommendations for making the services more interoperable across projects.

The task force has started last month and now counts many experts onboard, who started gathering pointers to relevant efforts. Members of the EuropeanaTech community who want to contribute are invited to contact the chairs!

Antoine Isaac and Juliane Stiller