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Subject: 	[IIIF-Discuss] IIIF for Newspapers -- call for thoughts, prior art and interest
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IIIFers, (cc: LDCXers),

On today's IIIF call, the topic of newspapers came up. Next week at Stanford there will be an LDCX meeting, and we intend to explore IIIF for newspapers in more depth. From a IIIF perspective, there is great interest in making sure we can use the APIs and compatible software to search / read / view newspapers; from the digitized newspaper community, I understand there is also interest in a lightweight & effective approach for delivering these materials.

We'd like to make some progress on modeling and delivering newspapers via IIIF next week, and intend to have a framing conversation with the probable outcome of forming a IIIF Newspaper Interest Group in April.

Some of the topics that have been discussed are:

   * what are the critical functions in the current / emerging set of newspaper viewers?
   * do IIIF APIs already support these functions? in particular...
   * how would a IIIF-based "Search Within" work?
   * does the current notion of IIIF ranges apply cleanly to newspapers?
   * how do you model a series of newspapers (similar to periodicals)?
   * can we generate a sample newspaper object in IIIF to test?
   * are the transforms from current newspaper data structures (METS ALTO, e.g.) to IIIF feasible? straightforward?

If you have newspapers, are in IIIF, have already done IIIF-based newspaper work, or aware of prior art / examples of useful work that might fuel this discussion, please don't hesitate to indicate this. We'll work to incorporate any input into the framing discussion, and then report out afterwards (again, likely with a call to form an interest group from among interested parties).


- Tom