Dear all,

As mentioned in Paris, it's time for another round of calls for the
EuropeanaTech "Who's Using What" Developer Profile.

For those who do not know what "Who's Using What" is, it's a column on
Europeana Labs that gives developers in the digital humanities sector an
opportunity to "talk shop" and share with the community their favorite OS
tools, highlight past work, raise awareness for current work and share
ideas and views about what they'd like to see developed or bettered in the

This is done by answering these 4 brief questions:

*1. What open source tools are you currently working with? (i.e. using to
build new platforms, software, applications etc.)*

*2. What open source tools have you used in the past to develop larger

*3. What are you currently developing? (to avoid confusion with question 1,
this section refers to smaller *back-end* software that you work on and/or
bigger projects that will become open source)*
*4. What would you like to see developed? (what are you missing in your

For some example answers you can read our previous profiles here

We'd really like to raise the awareness about developer work within the
EuropeanaTech Community because as I think everyone noticed in Paris, there
are lots of successes happening and this is a quick and fun way to share.

Looking forward to any responses or contributions!

With warm regards,



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