Dear colleagues,

We are glad to announce the availability of the presentations at the 2013 EVA/Minerva Jerusalem International Conference on Digitisation of the Culture.

The presentations are available at:

A pdf version is also available at:

The presentations of our two previous conferences are available at:

The 2013 sessions included:

Progress of the TAMAR program for Rehabilitation and empowerment of the national heritage of Israel

Digitisation of Culture in Israel since the last conference

A plentiful Museums track

Significant Learning: Innovative ICT Applications in the Classroom

Digital Books: Current Dilemmas and Future Prospects

Digital Humanities: Text - Edition Research Education / Israel Developments

Fashion Heritage On-line: Europeana Fashion & the GLAM-Wiki Community Worldwide

The National Library of Israel

People Friendly Cities in a Data Rich World

Judaica Europeana and Digital Manuscripts to Europeana

The joint project for Digitisation of the Center for Jewish Art

Open Access to the Jewish Canon

We look forward meeting you next November at the 2014 EVA/Minerva conference in the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute

Dov Winer and Susan Hazan

Co-chairs EVA/Minerva Jerusalem Conference