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Dear Partners,


We are very pleased to tell you that two new publications about using
the Europeana Data Model (EDM) are now available.  


The EDM Mapping Guidelines: This document describes subset of classes
and properties from the model that will be used in the first
implementation of EDM.  It has an example of original data and that same
data converted to EDM showing the distribution of the properties amongst
the classes. It also outlines the process for migrating from ESE to EDM.


The EDM Primer: this is a revised version of the original EDM Primer
giving the "story" of the EDM and explaining how the classes and
properties are used together to model data and support Europeana
functionality. It has been revised to give more prominence to the
aspects of EDM of greatest interest to providers and to reflect the
latest modifications to EDM itself. 


In addition, we also provide a two-page EDM Factsheet that sums up the
rationale and expected benefits of EDM


All documents are available at:


For further information, please contact [log in to unmask] (using "EDM"
as subject). 


We welcome your feedback.


Kind regards,

The Europeana Operations Team