Dear All,
One of the things which especially springs to mind when I read Pat's comment
is the fact that school libraries throughout Europe vary in so many
different ways.  The kind of information which is now coming in from Maria
(Denmark), Kathy (UK) and Fredrik (Sweden) is very important.  It allows us
to try to understand what is happening in these libraries in different
countries and to "cross the border".  Perhaps we can learn from the way in
which school libraries operate in different countries?

During my research, I have tried to summarize (up until the end of 2008) how
school libraries work in 61 different countries within Europe (where people
speak more than 52 different languages).  School libraries are continuously
changing - their challenges change as education changes.  However, I hope
that the research, which will be available shortly, will help us all to have
a broader perspective of school librarianship in Europe.

Please keep the information coming via the ENSIL list.  It is very

Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year,

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> Thank you Maria,
> they all sound so interesting. Who actually instigates these projects?
> Individual school librarians? Local or state Province library groups?
> National Library groups? Educational library groups?
> Looking forward to hearing more about them. Good luck with the submission
> for the IASL conference in Brisbane. Hope to see you there.
> Kind regards
> Pat
> Patricia Carmichael
> Independent Learning Centre Manager
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> Dear All,
> I would like to wish you all a merry christmas and a happy new year as
> well as give you an update as to what we are currently working with in
> Denmark at the moment.
> For the past 2½ years we have had a project called "The school library and
> the natural science". The project has focused on developing ideas and
> compentencies for the school library to take a more active and qualified
> role in guiding the natural sciences. Fours schools have participated, and
> many great ideas have come from this project. Also great ideas to bring
> the natural sciences into the school library as an activity. The project
> has now come to an end, and we are just waiting for the researcher to
> finish the report. Early in the new year we will publish a booklet (in
> Danish) about the results of the project.
> For those of you who plan to travel to Australia for the 2010 IASL
> conference I can say, that I hvae submitted a proposal to give a session
> on this project. So if any of you are interested in hearing more about
> this, hopefully it will get accepted and be in the program.
> Currently we have another large project running, similar to the one above.
> It is called "the school library and the creative/practical subjects".
> This project aims to develop the cooperation between the school library
> and music, arts and crafts, PE, wood workshop, cooking, sowing and other
> similar subjects. An artist is assigned to each of the four participating
> schools to inspire them in planning a cross subject project with the
> school library as the driving force. Hopefully the outcome is a number of
> tools helping the school libraries to greater coorporation with the
> creative/practical subjects.
> The project is running for the rest of the school year, and we have
> applied for another year, but we dont know yet, if it will be granted.
> We are also currently working on a large publcation project for the
> Ministry of Integration in Denmark. The publication is a book about
> homework cafes with emphasis on homework cafes in alternative locations.
> With alternative we mean out of the school and the public library. It will
> give examples from cafes in appartment complexes, in sports facilities, in
> net cafes, in youth clubs, online and others. Further more it will contain
> lots of advise and some conclusions from a report of a national project
> for homework cafes in public and school libraries.
> The last project that is in work right now is called "new forms of
> cooperation between spublic and school libraries". In 2008 a report was
> made by the ministry of culture dealing with the future of serving
> children in the library. This project is a cooperation between our
> organisation, the profession school library organisation, the librarian
> organization and the political library organization. The goal is to
> present examples as to how libraries and school libraries can become
> better at serving children of this and coming generations as well as
> cooperationg about this.
> I hope this can be of inspiration to some of you!
> All the best,
> Maria
> Maria Britt
> Municipal Association of School Libraries in Denmark