Dear all,
Every year, IASL gathers information on school libraries, school and teacher librarians and school librarianship in general from countries all over the world. This helps us to understand each other better, to learn from each other and... to know what the important developments, issues and worries are in the respective countries.
This information is presented at the Assembly of Associations at the annual conference (this year in Taipei).
Please provide us with information on your country and write a report. More information can be found in the text below from Judy O'Connell, Vice-President Associations Relations of IASL.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Judy or me.


With kind regards,

Lourense H. Das

Coordinator ENSIL

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Dear Colleagues,

It is now time to think about taking part in the IASL Assembly of Associations!

You may do this by submitting a report for inclusion in the Communiqué, and by attending the Assembly while you are at the conference in Taipei, Taiwan
16-20 July 2007. This is a wonderful opportunity to share ideas and learn about developments and initiatives around the world.
Details for the Assembly and the Communiqué can be found on the School Libraries Online website at
For your information, the Assembly of Association Communiqué for 2006 is located on the website at
The Assembly of Associations provides an opportunity for review of school librarianship in member countries and areas. The Executive summary of all
Reports attempts to highlight key issues arising in reports from member associations. We will also have the opportunity to listen to invited
speakers on topics of interest, and to engage in an open discussion to assist dialogue and to establish mutual support networks and ways of
addressing challenges faced by member Associations.

The Assembly of Associations Communiqué is a record of member association's annual reports on local developments in School Librarianship. The purpose of
the Communiqué is to provide an indication of the global state of school librarianship and learning. An Executive Summary highlights effective
policies, strategies, projects and publications, and makes recommendations for action. The Communiqué may be used as a tool for planning.

Please consider providing a report! You are asked to follow the IASL Report Template for Association Communications which you will find at

Reports must be forwarded on or before May 30 by email to the IASL Secretariat at [log in to unmask] or by post to IASL SECRETARIAT, Karen Bonanno,
PO Box 83, Zillmere, Queensland 4034, Australia .

I am happy to answer any questions, and look forward to hearing from you all.

Kind Regards
Judy O'Connell
Education Officer – Library & Web 2.0
Catholic Education Office
Diocese of Parramatta NSW 1750
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Vice President - Association Relations
International Association of School Librarianship